Thearent Group has changed its service model to Rental and Sales.
This means that Thearent no longer supplies a crew for setup, disassembly and fixed installations.

In order to make our products available on the largest possible "foot print", we will work with several local satellites operations such as in Spain, England and the 3 locations in the USA.
More operations will be added in the near future, such as Belgium, Germany and Italy.

In recent months we have invested a lot in standardizing our products and logistics resources.
Today, our materials are manufactured and packaged in such a way that they are easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.

In order to support our clients in meeting their crew needs, we have set up the Thearent Crew Network. Thearent will provide courses in which we will teach freelancers and crew agencies the skills in order to make them knowledgable of our products available worldwide.

There is also the option of having your own employees attend a course day at Thearent. This way of crew provision results for our clients in fundamental cost savings and efficiency while maintaining quality.

Clients who rent/buy from us gain access to this network to meet their crew needs.