Thearent during Covid-19 pandemic

Michel Wenzel · September 26, 2020 · Company · 0 comments

The event industry is experiencing hard times during the Covid-19 pandemic! As we are part of the event industry, Thearent is challenged during the current situation. On February 27 we got the first cancellations due to Covid-19. In the 4 days after that all projects for March were cancelled and in the days after 95% of our business for the period after that was cancelled.

On March 2nd we had our first meeting with our team to discuss the Covid-19 situation and talked about our concerns for the event industry and our company. In the weeks after this meeting we had to make a lot of unpleasant measures to ensure that our company will be able to survive this period.

We had to let go several colleagues, we reduced our fleet, we halved our business space etc.. All these decisions were made to keep our company up and running as long as possible.

Fortunately, the Dutch government supports most of the companies in the Netherlands with a significant loss of sales, so our company is able to survive the upcoming year. But we are concerned for the seasonal businesses and the freelancers whom the event industry so desperately needs. We are concerned for all the event companies who are struggling at this moment!

We will keep you posted about our situation.

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